People hate me, and dogs love me. Makes sense, I should of been a dog.

There was a nice feeling in my gut when I woke up, it might of finally went away. Not sure why, I made the choice to run away. It’s better if she hates me anyways. The more that hate me the merrier.

Looks like the import extension needs fixing, setting it to use textile, doesn’t work, you have to go to the post and click save, and then it’ll look right. Not doing that to all the posts. To lazy to fix the import extension.

They don’t use bootstrap classes, I’d have to change the CSS, or change every single class. To much work, enjoy this default theme.

If I finished my importer for Textpattern, I could ditch WordPress.

Not just changing classes, you have to add divs and crap too. Better off with a blank theme, and modify it to use stock Bootstrap.

That answers that, goodbye WordPress. Just make sure the plugin won’t import files or images, that code isn’t done, and may never be done.

My stupidity will keep me alone. Don't waste your time going outside more often, never will see her again. Dreading over your stupidity is good though, you'll lose your appetite, and lose the 20+ pounds you gained.

Might as well, the bios for my MSI motherboard is buggy. They removed support for the NVIDIA card I sold. At least, if you have two video cards, an AMD and the NVIDIA card. They don't want you mixing brands. The update says PCI compatibility, by that they mean no NVIDIA on MSI's AMD motherboards. My CPU should work in a X470 board. Those are the new boards, for the new AMD CPUs. Buy a different brand. Then Windows won't be activated. I'll keep waiting for a miracle bios update. As the board itself is fine, other then the CPU socket in a stupid orientation.

Nope, Mythtv is. It came first, and it works great. Not in Windows, but in the OS power users use, Linux. Plex is actually pretty shitty compared to Mythtv. It has no built in commercial flagger. I only use Plex to watch stuff, not record.

You can get cheap ass dedicated servers there. Does anybody provide a DDoS protected VPS in Kansas City? Probably not. That'll kill your ping, Las Vegas to Kansas City.

I tried playing it, almost landed, then the game crashed. The problem with messing with the page file size. I set it to system managed, it requires a reboot though, shut it down instead. It's also on a different drive, a RAW disk image, instead of the game drive.

Doesn't work very well at 1440p. Looks like 1080p doesn't work well either, it crashed. I'll continue switching the input on my monitor. No stutter though, just slow motion.