Basically just need to change how it looks, make it look more like a blog. Doesn't take long to make a very basic blog. Guess I could add file uploading to it. I may never finish it, WordPress works just fine. No archives or searching. Could add that in the future. Maybe I will finish it, just to see if I can. I need to export my database to a SQL file, so I can import it in Manjaro and convert the posts to the new blog.

Thanks to whoever took the knobs off the dryers. You have to go to the office or call to do laundry now. Maybe the person who took the knobs will get access to the room and take the remaining knobs.

One that doesn't believe in hell? I don't believe in bullshit trying to make people act the way they want them to. I've seen enough evidence of Jesus on the History channels. Somebody said Jesus died for everyone's sins, so even if there is a hell, you won't be going there.

They emailed me back saying they made me an referral ID. Tried logging in to their customer section, and said my password was wrong each time. Guess they reset my password too.

In my Manjaro virtual machine. Let's see how long it'll take to make a basic blog, no comments, or any other non needed features. And making a blog is a pain with it. The authentication doesn't work as you would expect it to. If you want to allow people to see the posts, they will get to see the users too. You can edit the template and show nothing instead of the list of users. But why can't you just specify which controller + action is view able to everyone? I'm guessing what I found on Google was for the old CakePHP, that's probably why it doesn't work.

We might have two souls. One that makes us who we are, and the other makes our body move and stuff. Zombies might be real, if they bring your body back to life, but not the greater soul(the one that makes you who you are). The lesser soul stays in your body apparently. Now how the fuck do I leave my body? Then my body will be a zombie. I'll go where ever dead people are. Should find Buddy there. You know why they can't find Jesus's body? He left. Oh and birthmarks could possibly be caused by a traumatic event in a previous life. Some people remember stuff about the after life. But the birthmarks are in the same spot a different person got shot or something. I have no birthmarks, so that means I might of had no previous life. Sounds like you get a body in the after life, that means I'll be butt naked, running around in a circle, until Jesus chases me down. Notice the title says might. The government isn't telling everyone everything they do, so who knows what's true and what isn't.

Just watch the UFO show on H2. If the guy's story is real, the US military also knows how to make wormholes. He was sent back in time. Must of been a dream. But they could of got the tech from Aliens. No need to figure out how to make wormholes, they already figured it out. I'd rather figure out how to leave my body. I want to go to the moon and see if there's a military base there. Then I want to go to Mars and see if there's military bases there too. Would be easier to launch a satellite with a camera over the moon. They might shoot it down though. Wouldn't be cheaper though. Maybe I can convince another Country to do it. And then tell the world what they find.

To order hosting, I had to go to the customer section, login, and then click order service. If you click the order link on their main site, and then click login, when you try to place the order, it'll tell you your session expired or something. If you try to make a referral ID, you'll get an error that says your password is wrong. Same password I used to login. Then when you email support, it'll get transferred to the affiliate department, who won't respond very quickly. You'll get an email asking you what you want the ID to be, after you tell them, you'll be waiting hours for a reply. I probably won't get a response until tomorrow. Don't signup for A Small Orange for their referral program. You'll be disappointed when you find their site doesn't work. You might be able to set an ID if you are a new customer. Update Still no reply.

Looks easier then PHP. It generates a lot of the code for you. If I use MySQL, I can write a simple PHP script to convert my WordPress blog posts to the Ruby on Rails blog. But I'm super lazy, so I'll probably keep WordPress. Update Harder then it looks. To much to read. Probably be faster to use CakePHP. To much reading for CakePHP too. Think I'll watch Ancient Aliens, looked like it's about people rising from the dead or being resurrected.