Drank some pop earlier, didn't seem to be as cold. I have water in a pitcher in there too, not as cold. Increased the coldness, says it takes 24 hours.

I probably won't tell the office anything until something goes bad. Like my milk. I can't smell very well, so I might not notice until I pour it onto cereal.

Could move my linux /home drive to one. Then I can retire my two very old Hitachi 500 GB drives. They are in a RAID 1. I'd rather replace it with one drive, and have a free SATA port. It'd be 100 bucks for two 1 TB drives. You can get more RAM for slightly less.

The Hitachi drives I bought before Western Digital bought them. Damn the Hitachi brand might be dead now, at least for 1 TB drives, none of them are sold directly from Amazon. So probably really old drives. Seagate might be slightly cheaper then Western Digital.

$44.99 for a Seagate. Maybe I'll order it on the 7th, when my sister gives me 50 bucks.

500 GB more space on a 1 TB drive. RAID 1 is a mirror. Rather have a free SATA port then a RAID 1. Only around 100 GB free on my /home drive.

A 500 GB SSD would be nice. But there isn't really anything on my /home drive that needs speed. I don't even think it needs to be 7200 RPM.

According to somebody on a forum, CloudLinux is used for overselling shared/reseller hosting. That might explain BUYSHARED's low prices. Their hosting works, so I don't care if they are overselling.

Looks like to get the transfer and the PS4 version for 20 bucks, you had to get it before May 9th. I thought it was going to be available once the console version came out.


If they don't add controller support to the PC version, I won't ever be playing it. Guess I should of read more articles about the 20 dollar deal. Must of read it on engadget.com, and they must not of said when you had to do it, or maybe I didn't read it all.

Skyrim is better anyways. Works with NVIDIA SHIELD controller too.

No point in keeping it, doesn't track my steps. Just syncs with my phone, which also doesn't count my steps. Both made by LG. Maybe that's what I should buy next month, a new phone not made by LG. Can't get the same amount of battery life from a different phone. Unless the people that made my case + battery make it for other phones.

Can't sell anything on eBay. They will bombard you with fees. Making it not worth it.

Unless they live in the same apartment building. Otherwise I'm rude and ignore them.

For a update that is over a gig to download. The Elder Scrolls Online requires updates every time I open it. Got to 75%, but it was downloading a update over a gig. It downloaded a bunch of smaller updates before getting to 75%. I can't run it in the background if I want to play a game on my SHIELD. It'll tell me there's a game running.

I only have a 6 mbps dial up connection, it's over a cable line, but might as well be called dial up.

I'd buy the AMD R9 390. Should be able to do 4k gaming, so if I ever got a new TV or monitor, it would be able to use higher settings then my current video card. Faster RAM and 8 GB of it. Starts at $330 for the MSI one.

Maybe NVIDIA will release new video cards soon. But I'm cheap, so I'll keep my 970. Once it can't play games on low settings, I'll consider upgrading.

Got a nice note on my door that said the hallway is for exiting and entering your home. Everybody got the note. I already knew quiet time was from 10 pm to 8 am. I was either in bed, or shitting.

Whatever happened didn't wake me up.