Becoming a sociopath. Not sure that should be a fear though, it'll get rid of your OCD and depression. Maybe even your anxiety. You won't be a very nice person though.

You can get a OTA TiVo for around 30 bucks. But you have to commit to a year of TiVo service. And a non refurbished one is 50 bucks on their site. 15 bucks a month, and you might have to pay for a year at first. Rip off. I'll keep my cheap TV tuner and NextPVR.

Oh goody, more cheap internet not for the criminally insane. Oh wait, I'm not a criminal. That's funny, ten bucks a month gets faster internet then I have. I only get 6 Mbps for 50 bucks a month, what a fucking rip off. I should just switch to dial up, and say goodbye to playing games online. Or did Comcast increase my speed too? Guess I should go to their site and check. Need to change my router settings if they did. It's still 6 Mbps according to their upgrade page. I'll turn the throttling off and see if it increased. Nope still around 7 Mbps. Better cancel internet and use my phone's internet. I have 2.5 GB at high speed, then I'm throttled.

Somehow auto rotate got turned off. Was trying to rotate my phone, but the app didn't adjust itself. Turns out my LG G3 turned auto rotate off, or it was never on. Thought I was going to have to order a Moto G next month.

Some girl was trying to talk to me months ago, possibly a year now. I was walking by her apartment. I refused to talk and kept walking, she followed me not very far. I didn't look at her, so I don't know if I know her. What a smart fellow I am. I'm surprised any female would want to talk to me though.

It'd probably be a pain if you can. Doing it in Manjaro, using yaourt -S servo-git. It does everything for me. Just finished taking a dump, and it failed.
It seems like the build products have moved. When I ran `ln -s ../../target .` in /tmp/yaourt-tmp-emw/aur-servo-git/src/servo/components/servo and restarted building, all worked well.
Might be the solution. Accidentally quit yaourt, now it has to start all over. You might need to increase your tmpfs size, the Arch Linux wiki will tell you how. I increased mine to 10 GB, that should be enough. And that might work, just read the description on the Arch wiki. It uses RAM and swap. Like I thought, Manjaro doesn't get 10 GB of RAM. Trying one more time. I created a almost 10 GB file, and formatted it as ext4. Plenty of free space on my linux SSD. Good thing my /home drive is on it's own non SSD.
ERROR:style::selector_matching: Stylist::new() failed at loading user-agent.css!
Don't ask me how to fix that. It compiled but won't load any sites. Didn't try any local html files. Maybe they will update the AUR package soon. Update Looks like you need the resources folder for servo. Apparently the AUR package doesn't save the resources folder. Yup it works now. I ran git and told servo where the resources folder is.

Have a slight headache. Kind of feel like puking. I usually only get headaches when something is wrong. Can't remember if I had a headache before eating at Sonic. Might of, since I didn't eat lunch right away. Headache went away a while ago.

Take down the server of the brute protection. Only problem is, the sites using it, will become super slow, and will need a math question answered. Not exactly the best way to do it, but whatever. I suppose some people will disable the plugin so they can login.

Looks like there was something seriously wrong with my Sandisk SSD. Don't buy a Sandisk SSD for your OS drive. I could try to get a replacement Sandisk. I can take pictures of it now, since it isn't in my computer anymore. But I'm far to lazy to try to get a replacement, they'll want proof it's messed up, I have none.