Change channels = "Development,Alpha" if you want. If you only want one channel, don't put a comma in it. Change mirror_dir = "/path/to/PMMP/mirror" to the path where you want the .phar files to download. Setup Cron and it should download them automatically.

Most likely only works with the new 1Password, the one that requires a subscription. You may need to change the below arrays:
url_array = ['URL', 'urls', 'server / IP address']
pass_array = ['password', 'Password', 'PASSWORD']
user_array = ['username', 'loginname', 'login', 'Email', 'email']

Look in the exported CSV file to figure it out. The settings to use for importing are below. Warning: The output file will be overwritten if it exists. You could easily make it exit or whatever if the output file exists.

I'll have some pictures taken with that lens on my camera soon. It was cheap on eBay, and I saw some pictures taken with it, then realizing I had to have it, at least for a little over $100. It was used once, it says. Glad they didn't like it. That's the same reason I bought a manual lens I have, but getting that in focus is a pain. The YI has auto focus. It has no manual focus on an Olympus or Panasonic body. I probably can't even update the firmware on the lens. Or does the firmware live on the camera? There's separate firmware for their camera and that lens on their site.

Convert a Mythtv recording to a hevc file using ffmpeg, and your NVIDIA video card. You can edit it, to use comskip instead, some commands already in it. If the video file is broken, comskip won't fix it, as mencoder will make a bad copy of the video. You can edit the ffmpeg command, if you don't have a NVIDIA card.