Use the default page file setting. Otherwise, change the initial and max to whatever is recommended. I put it on the games drive too, didn't play any games after doing that, Windows likes being rebooted after changing some settings. The stuttering in ARK with the recommended for initial and max was less. The best option would be to disable it. I first suspected a HD issue. Might be RAM too. The page file uses the hard drive. I turned the SWAP off in Linux, and commented out the /etc/fstab for it. Don't really need it, computer doesn't even seem to use it.

If your replacement phone has an earlier Android version, you don't get to restore until you update it. Since it's Android, you have to update several times, before you get the Oreo update. Oh and you have to reset to get the setup wizard to open again. That means entering your random passwords in again. You can try using Nova Launcher, but good luck, you'll have to try opening every setup thing. I'll just do a factory reset.

Finally got an email yesterday, saying I have access to the beta. I made a call with it, and it sounded just as good as Cricket's LTE voice calling. Couldn't hear it ringing though. Better then FreedomPop and magicApp, probably GrooVe IP too. It is better then GrooVe IP, as you don't have to forward it to anything, just use your Google Voice number, in the Voice app.

Some weird flicker bug with AMD GPUs, use "amdgpu.dc=0" in your kernel boot options, and it goes away. I get a weird flicker every some seconds. Not a full flicker, kind of like a flash. It's different for other people, search Google and you'll see. Somebody in the bug report said to disable that, and now it works.