Might be constipated again

That would explain how I gained over three pounds in less than a week. But an odd constipation, as I went when I got up, without any trouble.

Most would say when you shit and are constipated it hurts, in my opinion it feels good. Nothing like shitting rocks out.

Doesn't feel as good as it did in Oregon, when I was barely shitting.

If I'm not constipated, then I don't know why I can feel it coming out. Usually that means you are shitting rocks out. Maybe something I ate caused some hard rocky shit.

Nephew was puking all night, and now has the runs. Not me, I might have the opposite. Well, I might be puking soon. Puking and constipation, instead of puking and diarrhea.

She doesn't know what diversity is

Something being rare, doesn't make it not part of the subject, like intersex. Trans is rare too, less people are trans then cis, therefore it might as well be rare too. So remove trans from your diversity class, you can't have it both ways.

She also talks like everything she says is a fact and right, even if it's wrong. Trying to make me believe her incorrect thinking. If she doesn't agree with something I say, she tries correcting me. Good luck, it won't work forever.

Dying is peaceful

That's what I thought was happening in bed. Ended up waking up at 10 AM.

You feel nothing when you die, you just cease to exist. So there's no regret, guilt, or anything, you are gone forever.