She is a Border Collie/Airedale Terrier mix. She came home today, she got surgery last night, so she can’t have babies. She likes her kennel, went in there by herself. She knows how to sit, but doesn’t know her name. She’s cautious of men, more so then women. She saw me three times before I took her home, I think three times.

She did get out of her harness, it’s slightly too big. He was trying to pick her up, to get her in the car. She was scared, and backed right out of it. Luckily my sister and mom got her, she ran into a fence and couldn’t run anymore.

The previous owners said she wasn’t a good farm dog. She was running away. I assume they thought they could get a dog, and they’d automatically be a “farm” dog. Not how it works. Don’t want her to chase chickens? Train her. Just doing basic training will help a dog’s mind. A smart dog won’t be bored if you train them.

She was at Julia’s Jungle. They said three weeks till she could come home, but the surgeon got to her earlier. We need to rearrange my living room, which we are going to do this weekend.

She’s still cautious of me, but she licked me, and jumped on me today. She jumped on my mom and sister sooner then me. It’s possible a male was mean to her. She probably won’t sleep on my bed right away. First have to make sure she’s potty trained. She might be, so it could be the surgery and anxiety that resulted in her peeing inside.

I let dogs jump on me, so I won’t train her not to do that. She’s smaller than Tonka was, and smaller than Bodhi. Bodhi is bigger than Tonka was. They did meet, but Bodhi had to go back in, they started playing, but she can’t play like that for ten days. Not slow playing, they were running. I’ll close her kennel door overnight. If she needs to go potty, she will probably wake me up by whining.

It took three tries to get the leash on her at my mom’s, took her outside to see if she needed to go potty. She kept running away from me.

No idea what her real personality is like, or how much energy she really has. She might end up being a lap dog, she likes being pet. The jumping thing is why I think she might want to sit in my lap in the future. She might weigh 50 pounds. I’d let Bodhi sit in my lap, and he’s 80 pounds or more. He doesn’t fit though. Maybe half of him does.