New water cooler came

My NZXT X31 water cooler came today.

I'll install it after dinner. That'll be a while, just turned the oven on.

The cooler appears to work. But my USB 3.0 card no longer works in Windows.

The VIA USB 3 Root Hub says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". I tried removing the driver, and using an old driver. Nothing works. Turned computer off and unplugged it and flipped the switch, that didn't work either. I can't access my external drives with no USB 3.0. Only my eSATA drive.

Fixed it by using the driver from Syba's site.

Oh yeah it came with thermal paste already on it. I used it, that way I didn't have to guess how much to put on. I don't care about the brand of thermal paste.

The silent mode doesn't work at all. Still loud as fuck. Maybe I plugged the fans into the wrong connectors. Wouldn't think it would matter. Probably won't replace either of the fans. I think it must be the new fan, or is the pump? I think it is the pump actually. Sounds similar to the sound before, just louder.

The radiator didn't work plugged into my four pin CPU fan connector. Also the instructions say to use the already attached Intel bracket, it doesn't line up to the standoffs on my AMD motherboard. I took it off, and had to search Google to figure out how to put the bracket on. There's a video that sort of shows how to do it. I probably didn't put it on correctly, moved a little. Guess if my temps go up, I'll know why. The radiator is plugged into my 3 pin SYS fan connector.


What happens when you contact Comcast?

They try and sell you faster internet and basic cable. I'm not paying 70 bucks a month. I was paying less for 105 mbps internet, until they lowered me to 50 mbps and tried charging me almost 80 bucks a month for.

They said it takes time for their site to synchronize with the billing system.

I closed the chat when they asked if I wanted their "deal" for 70 bucks a month. I'll keep my 6 mbps for 50 bucks a month.

Ghost works on BUYSHARED

Looks like Ghost works on BUYSHARED. Go to the control panel and under software click the installer thing, it'll install it for you.