BunnyCDN isn't that great

Their site is slow as fuck, so I can't add rules to make it so you can't use it as a proxy.

Instead of clicking save over and over again, I deleted my domain from it. Clicking save does nothing anymore. No error, nothing.

My other blog used BunnyCDN. But with such a shitty non functioning website they have, it's not worth using.

Enjoy having no proxy to access my other blog now.

Can I get my almost $20 back? You have to add $10 every year, so the money from the previous year doesn't expire.

I only used it for 2 years, maybe almost three.

Since that blog gets almost no traffic anyways, might as well not use a CDN, this blog doesn't, and it gets more traffic.

Mac mini can't replace my desktop

The CPU in my desktop is better, and the GPU has more bandwidth then the eGPU.

Next year, there might be Macs with Apple's own ARM based CPUs. That'll be a bummer, some software won't run, that is if it isn't updated and compiled for the new CPUs. Or they do something like Windows on ARM does, that lets you run x86 programs. That'll be a performance hit though.

If Apple ditches Intel on all their Macs, Hackintoshes will suck. macOS would run like shit on a Raspberry Pi. And pretty much all non Apple ARM CPUs. Except, that'll be a while, people might be a little angry, if their Intel Mac can't run the latest OS.

Maybe they'll use both forever. Till they run out of money for being a dick, and not letting you upgrade your expensive Mac.

Also, can't run Windows games on my Mac mini, no Proton, and CrossOver hasn't been updated yet. Unless it has, I haven't looked today. Not using a VM, only 8 GB of RAM, you need at least 16 GB, 8 for each OS.

Elite Platinum EAF-1616 Air Fryer

Got one of those today, from Amazon. No picture, the basket and drawer are in the dishwasher, both are top dishwasher safe. I'm to fucking lazy to wash it manually, did you see how big it is? There's two parts. My rice cooker is a pain to wash too.

Tried turning it on, but I don't think it will without the drawer and basket.

I should of made sure it turned on before washing it. Oh well, they'll get a clean one if it still won't turn on. You are supposed to take the plastic on the controls and screen off right?

Sorry, can't link to Amazon, they told me to remove all links.

I got a big bag of frozen French fries from Winco. I'm also to fucking lazy to make anything from scratch.

Well, maybe the mini cheesecakes it has a recipe for.

You can cook cake in it too.

Not the model on Consumer Reports, same brand as one of them. And they recommend one with bad reviews on Amazon. They didn't test the longevity, so I should of bought the Insignia for $60. This one was around $80, including tax, I got a $2 coupon from Amazon, and $7.50 from the Cash app.

Looks like a new unit to me. Some stuff on Amazon, people get a used one. What's so gross about getting one with a little oil or grease in it? It didn't come from another human, just something they cooked in it.

Think, I'll put cheese on the fries, when they are done. Ten more minutes, except less now.

Remotix is 100% useless

If I can't play games with it, it isn't worth $50. I'd pay $10 maybe $20 for it.

The mouse jumps all over the place, so I have no idea if games would work or not. Then the mouse leaves Remotix, causing the keyboard to not be grabbed anymore. Then he's running, and it's very difficult to stop the running.

I'd use Steam, but it doesn't work in macOS. The game never shows anything. Like it stops streaming.

Steam works now, you have to use Proton 4.2-9. See this issue. Probably doesn't work on Apple TV with the latest Proton either.

Lots of humans are close minded

Somehow God can exist in their minds, but Aliens can't. Why can't they coexist? They also think reptile Aliens isn't possible, but somehow it's possible for there to be a God.

If you look at Aliens differently, it would support your obsession of God, notice how all "intelligent" life seems to walk on two legs? Why would almost all intelligent life be similar if it wasn't for God?

The Universe is massive, no other life in it, makes zero sense.

There are some Aliens apparently that live in the water, but can go on land, and stand up.

Also, if we are the only life, we wouldn't exist, because humans are awful. God wouldn't want to keep such an abomination alive.

There will be lots of shock, when the truth is revealed, which will probably happen in my lifetime. I'll just be laughing at all the people that think in a massive universe we are the only ones, because I'm human and that's what humans do, they laugh at each other. Well, that's one thing they do.

How is fighting over politics and killing each other intelligent?

Would people stop giving out the code to get in the building?

Looks like they are changing the code yet again. They could evict people for doing that. There's security cameras, so they might be able to figure out who did it.

If whoever they give the code to, does something illegal, they might evict whoever gave them the code.

The problem with changing the code is, I then have to remember the day they are changing it, and the new code. Putting it in my phone is time consuming.

Why do people care so much about the election?

More votes doesn't mean you win. So, I won't waste ink on any elections.

I'll use the ink to pay my rent instead.

All the people that voted for Trump the first time, will vote for him again, therefore, he will get a second term.

If he can win once, he can win twice.

iOS Messages Filter Unknown Senders is 100% useless

I searched Google, because I was wondering why texts from numbers not on my contacts weren't being filtered, turns out that only works with iMessage, which I have turned off.

It should gray that setting out if you don't use iMessage, and put a big warning by it, that it doesn't filter regular SMS.

Somebody on Reddit said they use SmartFilter to filter regular SMS, haven't gotten any unknown sender SMS yet, so don't know if it works.

Some asshat keeps sending me a text message, with the name of Brian, well in all lower case, the first one said something about money and Brian, and the one today, looked like an address. And a bogus URL I didn't click.

My name isn't Brian, and I know nobody named Brian.

Beat Greedfall

Says I abandoned the old continent, under the description of the trophy, and left them in a sad fate.

No idea why, they didn't get the cure? Even though I killed the madman?

Should of picked the other option. I could, just load my save and redo the end.

The end is buggy, the companions following me, weren't following me. Sometimes I could hear one of them say my armor is down. And I almost died by fighting multiple enemies by myself.

The big ass creature at the end is easier then fighting multiple smaller creatures. Probably because I was supposed to have help with the multiple enemies.

My guy's level was only 32, it got to 33 after killing the big ass creature, pointless, nothing else to do, it went back to the menu. I didn't even do everything.

And it didn't even take two days worth of game play to finish it. The last save I did was a day and 11 hours or something.

I did play it over more then two days.

Will there be any DLC for it? Probably not. Boohoo.

I'd buy The Outer Worlds on the 25th, but I don't want to spend anymore money this month on stuff I don't need. And next month, I'll probably buy a 512 GB micro SD card for my Switch. Also, have to pay my mom back, she gave me $100 so I could buy the eGPU enclosure, and keep almost $300 in the credit union.

Probably should wait six months to buy that game, then it might not be buggy anymore. And the price might go down.

Intel integrated GPU cripples Macs

If you buy a Mac with an integrated GPU from Intel, plan on buying a eGPU. That'll cost over $200. I bought an enclosure for around $250, lucky for me, I already had a old GPU compatible with macOS.

Apple's site says the AMD RX 470 is compatible, but the maker of my enclosure only lists one RX 470, different brand, and says it only works with Windows.

I vaguely remember using this GPU with macOS in a VM on my desktop. Not really worth doing, that card has the AMD reset bug, and I think my newer 570 does too. I also can only use the card in the first PCIe x16 slot, think it's the only isolated one. There is a patch that may or may not work. And switching the GPU in that slot between Linux and anything doesn't work very well. Makes more sense to use an x16 slot with the good GPU, you get the full bandwidth.

Not running macOS as the primary OS on my desktop. Running macOS on a PC isn't worth it no matter how you do it, it'll most likely break at some point.

It broke on my Intel NUC, that I sold on eBay, I didn't bother trying to fix it, you'll be fixing the hacks. Put Linux on it, but didn't really use it, so sold it.

You don't need any hacks if you have a real Mac.

WordPress restored

Good luck to the bots trying to login, only the server's IP is allowed access to the file to login, and wp-admin, and xmlrpc.php.

That means no Jetpack either.

Just use SSH with the -D option, if you do that.