Do Promaster batteries swell up?

You can't buy them everywhere. Huppin's might have it, their site lists it. You can't check to see if they have it though, and you can't order online.

Not much cheaper then the Olympus battery, if you buy the Olympus battery on Amazon or B&H.

But if the local store has it, you get it sooner. It's also possible to get a counterfeit battery from Amazon. So you might as well save the money and buy the third party.

If I get a counterfeit battery from Amazon, and it swells up, will Olympus remove it?

Most third party batteries lie about the capacity. There was an article I found on Google, didn't read all of it though. Don't know what the Promaster capacity claim is, or the official Olympus, and to lazy to look it up.

The Olympus is 1210 mAh. The Promaster doesn't say how much it is, just "Replaces: Olympus BLS–5/50 7.4V 1400Ah". There's no way the Promaster is 1400Ah, you'd probably have an explosion in that case. If they mean mAh, that's more then the official battery, therefore a lie. 1400Ah is 1400000mAh. I'd like to have what Huppin's is smoking. Or not.

My stomach doesn't like food

Not even soup. Mom brought some homemade soup over, ate one container, and now my stomach is sore.

Think the same thing happened yesterday when eating soup, at least the second time.

It's chicken soup, like chicken noodle soup, but without noodles.

Can you buy good pillows in town?

Not the cheap Walmart pillows. There's some on Amazon that says relief for neck pain. That might do the trick, without having to use just one pillow. If I can use both of them, then I can breathe better, with no neck pain.

Or go to the doctor and get some oxygen. Might need that during the day too. Being morbidly obese is great, if you don't like breathing.

Cool Blue Gatorade tastes way better then water

That's the problem with getting the stomach flu, you won't like plain water anymore, even if the water is filtered.

It's got sugar and sodium in it. I wonder how much this new drinking diet will cost. Might gain weight, if I start eating again. Might mostly eat soup now though. Eat as least as possible, so when I get the stomach flu again, it won't be as bad.

That's a good way to lose weight, get the stomach flu, get paranoid about puking, barely eat.

They do make diet Gatorade, don't think it tastes as good though. Just get your calories from Gatorade, instead of food.

Amazon's brand doesn't mean quality

Their DisplayPort cables may have issues. I'll order a $20 cable, that is certified, to see if that solves my problems.

Didn't know DisplayPort was sensitive. Pretty much any HDMI cable will work. My monitor only has one HDMI input, might have a DVI input, could switch to that. That would be cheaper then a $20 cable.

Apartments are funny

Make one person not like you, and then nobody likes you.

Wouldn't recommend taking your medicine on an empty stomach

One of my pills results in feeling like puking, if I don't eat enough. Apparently crackers isn't enough. It was yesterday.

Tried eating a peanut butter sandwich, ate most of it, gave the dog the rest.

That's some shitty medicine. Don't get the stomach flu if you take a ton of medicine. Was to paranoid to eat more then crackers, didn't want to shit it out or puke.

Good job monitor

Wouldn't wake up, tried getting it to reboot, but nothing would show on the monitor. Turned it off and back on, and now it works again.

I wonder if the flickering is monitor related, not GPU. Looks like I need a new monitor. Don't really want to buy the same brand, that means there is no brand to buy. I like the picture on my BenQ.

Could be cable related. Is it the cable it came with? That is cheaper then a new monitor.

Don't think it came with a DisplayPort cable, looks like I bought an Amazon one.

The reviews on my cable are mostly for 10 foot ones, which has issues. A review for the same length as mine, says it should do 60hz fine.

Not a lot of DisplayPort brands on Amazon. Or at least none that I've heard of. The Monoprice DisplayPort cables might be crap too. The brand I like, doesn't show up.

Cable Matters isn't a good brand, I had or have some adapters from them, that suck.

The StarTech might be certified, that means it should work. Apparently non certified cables, send power back on one of the pins. Not sure mine does that though.

Insignia is certified, costs $20 though. Accell has some certified ones, think I saw them on Amazon. The Best Buy up north doesn't have the DisplayPort cable.

Flickering is common with cheap DisplayPort cables, but that might only apply to more then 60hz.

Is it really the cable if there's no flickering for almost 7 days? Should try shutting the monitor off and back on. Except, rebooting doesn't power cycle the monitor. And that solves it.

No $10 credit from Silicondust for Premium TV

I emailed support, yesterday, when they charged me the full amount. I only got $10 off once. If you look at their forum, that's the case for lots of people.

No reply from support yet. Probably getting a shitload of emails about it. But if I don't get $10 back, I'll be sure to cancel it. They don't have all the channels they did when I signed up anymore.

Stomach hurts worse today

Yesterday, I just had to puke to make my stomach feel better. Taking a runny dump doesn't make my stomach feel better. Maybe a little.

Probably hurts because I took my medicine today, and ate crackers.

Nice stomach flu Zips gave me.

Stinky runny dumps.

If you don't eat or drink for ten days, you might not take any runny dumps. But after three days of zero fluid, you'll be dead.

Should probably eat some of the soup my sister dropped off. More Gatorade too.

I might not go anywhere tomorrow either, if I do, probably the walk in clinic. What do they do for the stomach flu? Probably nothing.

All the puking things everybody got last year, I never puked from any of them. So I'll probably get a puking thing at the end of January every year now. Unless, I don't eat at Zips.

Took a non runny dump, more like the opposite. Good luck pushing anything out when your stomach hurts. Instead, there was a big mess on my butt. Only two lousy turds came out.

Almost 7 days of no flickering

It started flickering again. Will stopping the X server and running "rmmod amdgpu" and then "modprobe amdgpu" fix it?

Maybe just restarting the X server will.

Wouldn't recommend running "echo 0 > /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon1/bind", you need a shell script to unload the module after doing that, and then reload it. I had to reboot after running that, by holding the power button down, no video if you run that.

systemctl stop lightdm
echo 0 > /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon1/bind
rmmod amdgpu
modprobe amdgpu
systemctl start lightdm

That might work. Script works, but don't know if that'll fix the flickering without rebooting. Don't run it in a terminal in X, it'll stop lightdm, killing the script.

Took a warm shower

I was all sweaty while sleeping. Probably have a fever.

Had the runs when I woke up. Dog didn't seem to want to go outside this morning. But I needed to pay my rent anyways.

Might be going to the walk in clinic tomorrow. Might be something else wrong with you, if you have the stomach flu for three days.

Super weak too, hard to stand up. Neck hurt really bad while sleeping. No idea how people sleep a lot when they have the stomach flu. If I'm not sleeping my neck doesn't hurt.

Breathing might be harder now too.

Probably weak from the lack of food and fluids. A fever might make you weak too.

My BMI is almost 40, that means high risk if you have the regular flu.

The runs isn't better if you are weak, you'll probably fail to completely wipe your butt.

Nice, diarrhea can last up to ten days.

I might of made it worse by drinking a lot to soon. How am I not supposed to do so? Thirsty as fuck.

Only one runny dump. Stomach hurts, probably because I took my medicine. I did eat some crackers after taking it.

Maybe the Popsicle I ate earlier gave me the runs. Ate one around 5 am.


Laying down that much results in pain, like my neck hurting.

My stomach doesn't hurt at all now though. Just ate some crackers.

How does the dog lay down so much?

Don't think anybody is disconnecting my phone from my WiFi

Most likely iOS's shitty power saving. There is a method that claims to disable it. But it could be outdated, and not work anymore.

Went to bed early, and my phone got connecting alerts. So it was disconnecting again. Could be the third party four port charger. But it's probably the latest iOS version. The version before that might of been fine.

Didn't fall a sleep. So drank some more Gatorade.

There's another woman that doesn't like me

She told me her name a long time ago. But my mom said everybody in the building knows my name, so I didn't tell her my name.

That might not be the case. Oh well. She doesn't even say anything to Tonka anymore.

On another note, Tonka fell outside somehow. Think when she was walking in the snow. Hopefully she didn't step on a needle.

Might need to giver Tonka her medicine twice a day. That'll make it cost around $80 a month though. Not even sure it works well enough anyways. Don't think there's any other arthritis medicine.

There's risks with their laser treatment, just like the medicine she's on. Wonder when she needs a checkup. They give her a checkup every year, for the medicine she's on.

Why does the Linux Kernel get broken in some versions?

No flickering for six days, after compiling a newer kernel, because Manjaro takes forever to release a new Kernel, even if the current one is broken.

Looks like it's three versions behind, I'm to lazy to compile the newer version. Also, it'll probably result in the flickering being back again.

What's the point in an open source video driver if it flickers? Well, you probably can't use the closed source version with a newer Kernel.

I like how before you could set "amdgpu.dc" to 0 and there'd be no flickering. That doesn't work anymore, set to one works in 4.20.3.

Opening bug reports is for non lazy people.