Don't think you can control the Apple TV over WiFi with Android

I doubt IR will give you a keyboard. That's the only reason I'd use my phone to control it, so I don't have to type passwords in, just fill it with the password manager, using my phone.

There is another option, keep my iPhone 7, just for that one use.

Another option, sell the Apple TV. My TV has Roku built in, probably doesn't do Mythtv though.

Don't mediate to a higher consciousness

Unless you know what it is. It requires deep mediation, not everybody is capable of doing it, if your brain is mostly empty, you can probably do it.

I still don't know what higher consciousness is. Something happened, a thought about trans women floating through my head, and either me, or some other entity didn't care if I like that.

Then afterwards, I just thought I was God like, or a God. I've been banned from doing it ever since, by whoever the other entity is, that could be myself, or somebody else.

They had a lot of good energy. Can't be me, because I'd have negative energy.

You don't need the drug Josh Gates took to get a vision, or to find out what happens when you die. Deep meditation should do the trick. It might be safer, unless you leave your body and don't return, I was going to do that, but the dog barked and made me realize I have a dog.

I may of had a vision, one day I woke up really early, with zero memory of whatever happened while sleeping. A vision would be way worse then any nightmare. Visions aren't usually pleasant. I'd have to go to hypnosis to find out what happened, but seeing as I don't remember the date, it wouldn't work.


I slept till almost 2 pm. The dog did want me to get up, but she laid back down.

Some women have bigger hands then me

If my fingers were skinny like her's, messing with small electronics would be much easier, like the Raspberry Pi Zero.

The picture of her is on Amazon, for the Tamron AFC001700 14-150mm F/3.5-5.8 Di III Zoom Lens for Olympus/Panasonic Micro 4/3 Cameras.

Remember, most Amazon links on this site are affiliate links.

I might buy that lens someday. Not on the 1st, because I don't want to spend $400. I might when I have 2k or more in the credit union. That'll basically replace almost all my lenses. I don't need a low aperture, that's what a flash is for.

I think you have to zoom in to get bokeh with that lens. Hopefully it gets bokeh around 40mm, my YI is 42.5mm, 50mm or 55mm is fine too probably.

If you buy it used, it's $300. You get 180 day warranty from KEH. I'd be more likely to spend $300 on the 1st, then $400.

The Olympus is $400 used, or a little less if you don't want like new.

Drink mix might give me heartburn

Heartburn went away earlier, I only drank a lemonade. When I got home, I've been drinking water with the drink mix.

Might notice it more when drinking. So I can eat, but I can't drink. What about plain water?

Stinky water

If you do the trick, so you don't have to buy ZeroWater filters as much, the old filter water will stink.

How did they make a filter that does that, without it doing it before 006? Oh wait, they didn't, if you don't do the trick, you'll be changing the filter before the tester says 006.

Either Textpattern's site was hacked

Or they failed to update the SHASUM. If you go to their Git, and download the SHASUM file, it matches the file on their site.

So which checksum is it? The one on their site, or the one on their Git?

The checksum on their site, matches the previous version, no I don't delete anything.

No announcement on their forum.

The correct checksum is on the blog post, just not their download page.

You don't need full frame for vlogging

You can make porn with a cellphone. Nobody will care.

You could make a cellphone-porn site, and people would go to it.

Porn is a tool, doesn't need to look good. Besides, poor quality might make it look good anyways. If not, use makeup.

Do they make noise removal for video? That'll make your video look better, use the maximum setting. Hopefully it lets you specificity what noise is, like hair. Then it'll remove the hair for you.

If you have an actual camera, that lets you specify the ISO, shoot on the highest ISO, then use noise removal.

Canon FD 50mm f1.4

That lens is supposed to be good, if you don't have a $150 or more adapter, you might as well buy a cheap Chinese manual focus lens.

You can get one with haze and fungus for $70 on eBay. Think there's a better quality one for $90.

No lens is good enough for me, you don't need one if you don't use your camera. I'd be better off selling my camera and everything for it.

Can't buy anything, until I have 2k or more. I want to see how long it'll take me to get 2k. Probably not long if I don't spend any of it. If I had no rent, it would be even faster.

My YI 42.5mm lens has auto focus.

Is there a 8mm Canon FD lens? If there is, it probably costs way more then the cheap manual focus one made for micro four thirds. That one has some bad reviews, but also some good reviews. It's not a fisheye lens either. It's only like $40 more then my fisheye lens.

What about the f1.8? I can get it for $50, plus 20% off on KEH. The engraved one is cheaper. I don't care if it's engraved. Then people will ask me, "Who's Lisa?", and I'll say, "My ex husband".

They do make lenses for under $10. Or I mean there's ancient used lenses for under $10, that might be as is.

What is MISCELLANEOUS BRAND? I can get a 80mm-200mm for $8. In excellent condition. Use that with my 2x auto extender, and I have a 400mm lens. Well, slightly less if I use my $150 adapter. I have a zoom lens, never tried the auto extender on it. It's a cheap auto extender. Not sure how cheap it was. They have one for $7, that you can get 20% off. The aperture is only f4, don't think you can change it, like the other one. But you get 20% off, can I have free shipping instead? It would cost $15.83 after shipping. The shipping kind of kills the deal. Just curious how bad the lens is, not sure about $15 worth of curious.

Can you use a macro lens for wild life? Does macro just mean you can use it for macro? Eh, it's only $5. Might as well find out. How does the discount work with two items? You get a discount on everything you add. But that brings the price a little over $20.

It would cost $48.90 for three lenses, two zooms I don't need, and a 50mm f1.8 I don't need. One zoom is excellent, the other two are bargain.

Will the discount be available on Friday? Also, can I have a free container to store em in? My backpack won't fit the zooms, I don't think, there's already one in it.

Says the deal ends tomorrow. Well, I'll just keep my money then. Or don't buy the 50mm. Just buy that some other month, and get the f1.4.

Well, I'll be in bed. Maybe I'll wait till the 20% off is over, and then order nothing. It'll take longer to get 2k, if I spend $20 on two lenses.

Insta360 ONE X

What's the difference between that and the $220 one? Looks like the cheaper one is only 4k.

According to somebody on DPReview, 4k for 360 video is useless.

Not very big, so the sensor probably isn't very big. Might struggle indoors, for pornography.

Haha, Android users are limited to what devices they can use. That's because they have shitty CPUs.

You might have to use the app or the Windows program. Therefore, it would be useless for me.

The video format the camera saves as is insv. Is 8 threads enough CPU for converting it to an MP4 file? Can't find if any Linux program supports it.

The ExifTool can read it, that isn't a player or editor.

Think it said it uses H264, which Linux does support. But who knows if it can read insv files.

DXVK 1.0

That might of made Fallout 76 run worse. I did forget to turn the front fans up to full blast, and the GPU fan to 100%. So it got up to 74C.

Whoever made the automatic fan control didn't do a good job.

Don't buy a refurbished iPhone

Apparently Apple's quality control took a dump. Alarm went off, and tried tapping stop, and it didn't do anything. Had to unlock it, which stopped it, I opened the clock app and toggled it, just in case I only snoozed it.

And there's a weird flicker corrupt thing in the upper left corner. For a split second, you can see what looks like other apps, but while on the home screen. My computer has done something like that.

Those two issues could be software though. At least you get updates faster then Android. Kind of pointless if they don't fix it though.

Also, the clock issue, could of been user error, since I wasn't fully awake. Should change the alarm to 1 pm.

I've had refurbished iPod touches, and no issues with them. I had the first gen one, got it for a graduation present. I've bought newer ones too, don't remember if all of them were refurbished, the first one was.

Tonka didn't wake me up till almost 1 pm

Having trouble breathing while sleeping, might make you sleep longer.

Might be getting a cold. The common cold will kill you, if it makes it hard to breathe. Just don't wake up, and you'll be dead from the lack of breathing.


Not everybody wants to hear her loud annoying fantastic ex.

kuman for Raspberry PI Camera Module 5MP 1080p OV5647 Sensor HD Video Webcam Supports Night Vision for Raspberry Pi Model B/B+ A+ RPi 3/2/1/zero/zero W with FFC/FPC Cable (Raspberry pi Camera)

How hot is that supposed to get? It might be getting hotter then it use to. If I put my finger on the back, it'll get burnt if I leave it there long enough. I lied, the back of where the camera is, isn't hot. It's the IR lights that are hot. Or the screws that attach the IR lights to the camera board. So unscrew it, and it shouldn't be hot, and you'll have no IR light.

Are IR lights supposed to get hot? Somehow it's transferring power from the board to the lights just by screwing it onto the camera board. The other one isn't screwed all the way down, because the screws are tiny, and you have to fiddle with it, to get it to turn on.

The IR lights aren't supposed to be on 24/7, you can apparently adjust the light sensitivity.

Got the other one screwed down. No idea how. Most people that buy it must have tiny fingers. It is the IR light getting hot, probably because it's on 24/7. The only thing that looks like you can adjust the light sensor with doesn't do anything. I did accidentally take part of it out of it's rubber tool.

Oh and the light cover or whatever it's called, comes off. Or maybe lens is the more correct word, if you touch the light, after removing that, your finger will hurt. Just like screwing it down when it has power.

Not hot at all now, I searched Google, and you use a screw driver to adjust the light, you can turn it off. Not sure why they call it light sensitivity, if you turn it off, it won't turn on when it's dark. Don't use a to small screwdriver, it won't move it. Not the screws that connect to the camera board, there's one on the same side as the lights.

Might kill the range on it though. Luckily, the stuff people would want to steal, is in my living room. So if they don't turn the light on, as soon as they get closer to the living room, you'll be able to see them.

They should be preset to the lowest setting, not off, but one up. That'll save fingers.

Somebody said the Pi's camera connector isn't rated for the amount of power the lights use. And everything gets hot, including the Pi itself.

What's the command to get the temperature of the Pi? I forgot. I also didn't do it with the lights on full brightness. It's 39.5C, probably what it was with full brightness.

Got up to 40.1C.

That's hotter then my desktop's CPU, it's sitting at 29C. Thanks to the expensive cooler I have, not water, expensive air cooler. Air shouldn't fry it.

At least it won't light my computer on fire now, it's sitting on top of it.

Philo is better then HDHomeRun Premium TV

The cloud DVR is better, you won't run out of space using it. HDHomeRun is good for OTA. Philo also looks better, so you'll watch more TV, or maybe recording every South Park episode you will watch more TV.

And the missing channels are on Philo. Also, $16 a month is a better deal, no need to pay $8 a month for Channels either. If you aren't lazy, you could use Premium TV with Mythtv. OTA is easy, just had to add my device, then tell it to use the guide data for it.

ModSecurity finally blocked something

Most likely a bot.

ModSecurity: Access denied with code 403 (phase 1). Matched "Operator `Rx' with parameter `\.\./' against variable `ARGS:path' (Value: `../../../../../wp-config.php' ) [file "/usr/local/lsws/conf/modsec/rules.conf"] [line "1"] [id "99999"] [rev ""] [msg "Drive Access"] [data ""] [severity "4"] [ver ""] [maturity "0"] [accuracy "0"] [hostname ""] [uri "/wp-content/plugins/wp-support-plus-responsive-ticket-system/includes/admin/downloadAttachment.php"] [unique_id "155103387299.591817"] [ref "o12,3o9,3o6,3o3,3o0,3v108,28t:normalisePathWin"]

Trying to use a non existent plugin to access wp-config.php. Obvious bot, Whois verifies, it's an OVH IP.

That's a default rule that CyberPanel adds.

I need to close port 80, to annoy bots. Site will work, that's what SSL is for, different port. Or maybe don't do that, then my sister will email me saying her husband's site is offline. I might get rid of my hosting soon, no more bots for me. It's paid for another month. Shouldn't of paid the bill already, should of cancelled instead.

It's funny how people form relationships

What's the point? You'll die, and cease to exist anymore, so life is meaningless. No point in forming useless relationships.

If you don't cease to exist, you'll get your consciousness wiped, and be born as somebody else.

As Josh Gates said, everybody is put in a blender and recycled.