RIP Sofie

Her tumor got huge, and she couldn’t pee. She claimed she didn’t have to do it yet. But, how is she supposed to pee? Sounds like she did have to do it.

I’m shocked she didn’t bite anybody. If her tumor got bigger. She was crazy about food, and more so at the end. She didn’t even hurt Bodhi, when she’s snapped at him. I’m shocked if any dog in that much pain doesn’t bite somebody.

If Tonka had a big tumor, I’d be shocked if she didn’t bite somebody. I’d probably be the one to get bit, but I wouldn’t dislike her or anything for it.

I guess, I could get a dog now. Not today. Or next week, or probably this month. Maybe never.

Bodhi hasn’t noticed or figured out she’s not coming back yet. Which is a good thing. You don’t want your dog to get depressed or upset. They might stop eating. Well, Bodhi probably won’t stop eating. He loves food. Also, he loves all the people he’s around. So did Sofie.

Sucks, I didn’t get to see her before it happened. I didn’t go over there yesterday.

She only had her three years, I think she was 10 when she got her. Her previous people are fucking assholes, they had her, her entire life, and dropped her off at Julia’s Jungle. Claiming that they were moving, and no dogs allowed. Why not give her to family or a friend? Oh, because they knew she chewed doors up? Assholes. A dog is a commitment. You don’t get rid of your wife, if she starts doing something you don’t like. Or maybe you do.

Hopefully those people never get a pet again. She didn’t deserve to be gotten rid of ate age 10. Or any age. I can see why people give up puppies, usually older people, that aren’t active enough, and the dog needs somebody active. Waiting till they’re 10, just makes you a complete asshole.

Tonka would have felt horrible if I got rid of her. Well, she was at my mom’s, that made me feel horrible. Not enough room in my apartment, for what she was doing. I should have just got rid of everything.

I learned very quickly, the dog was more important than my stuff.

Apparently those people didn’t learn anything.

No crying yet, I was about to earlier. I’ll probably do it while sleeping. That’s the best time to do it.