EVOO EVC141-12

Good cheap laptop, shouldn’t have sold the Motile.

I’ll upload the TKG kernel I use tomorrow or the next day. I compile it on my desktop, as it’s way faster at doing so. It’s with the Zen CPU, there isn’t any other option for the CPU in this laptop. It might be Zen+ or something.

If you have Zen3, you don’t need somebody to compile for you, it’s easy in Manjaro, and shouldn’t take long on any Zen3 CPUs. At least it doesn’t on the 5600X.

Not sure I have any pictures of the EVOO, or any good pcitures.

Pretty sure it’s made by the same people that make Motile.

Not really for games, Wurm Online barely gets 20 FPS. No dual channel RAM, only one RAM slot.

Now if EVOO releases a cheap AMD Ryzen laptop with dual channel RAM, I might buy it. But new budget AMD laptops for $400 are coming out soon. If they have dual channel RAM, maybe I’ll buy one.

Not that I need to play games on it. So perhaps I should just keep this one, even though the battery life sucks.

You can charge it with a Tenergy Portable Power Station.

I think kernel 5.17 made Linux faster, on both the laptop and my desktop.

I have to go on my Mac to upload it, as Amazon is a dick. No app for Linux, not uploading it all by a browser.

I put a 16 GB stick of RAM in it, and an old NVMe SSD. The SSD it comes with is actually decent, non like the one in the Motile I had. You could easily use only the drive it comes with. I just had an old NVMe SSD that is bigger, so I might as well use it.


Amazon Cloud Drive is being discontinued at the end of next year, so the files are being re uploaded to my own Nextcloud. It’s cheaper, and clearly Amazon doesn’t want my money. Works in Linux too, I don’t need the Mac to upload files anymore.