Could remove it and put webroot on it instead. Or better replace Windows with linux. The brightness keys on my keyboard don't work anymore.

If I ever assemble a new computer, I might buy that case. Cooler Master is good enough for me. That's the brand of my current desktop's case.

Looks like I have a sunburn under my eyes. I forget to put sunscreen on. It's the spray kind, so to put it on your face, you have to close your eyes and hope you aim in the right spot. Should I aim high or low? Don't want my balls to get sunburned. Could take another shower, dripping with sweat.

The 4K write test in AS SSD Benchmark is around 1 mb/s, it'll take to long to finish. Could be the SATA controller on my laptop. Apparently it wasn't made for SSDs. According to the Transcend software, Windows 10 doesn't support TRIM.

You can't disable the text chat in Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2. Not really worth playing. The only PC game I'll be buying is Fallout 4, that is single player.

They keep telling me to install the anti virus my laptop came with. I already did that, the first day I got the laptop. Guess you are supposed to use the download link, instead of the CD it came with.