RIP Freki

Older sister’s dog Freki died, got hit by a car.

Not a great way to start the year.

I only saw him in my mom’s yard, assuming her lab was Freki. Didn’t actually go outside, it was the house before the house she’s in now.

I wanted to cry, and I didn’t even know the dog.

I think she let him run loose though. So could have been prevented.

I might be crying in bed. That’s usually when I cry. Not necessarily about Freki, but all the dead dogs, probably mostly about Tonka. Dogs dying reminds me of Tonka dying.

Bodhi might lose his mind if he ever sees me again

I might wait until my next doctor appointment to go to her house. Also, I don’t know if I can eat the things she makes for dinner.

I found two recipes to try, you can cook lentils in a rice cooker. That’s a lentil and rice recipe, the other recipe is a black beans and rice recipe.

Eating healthy is a pain in the ass, you have to find recipes. Apparently Apple added Samba printing support to iOS, just connect to my local VPN, and I can print, easiest way to access the wired VLAN, without changing the firewall, it’s isolated, or mostly isolated from each other.

Does show the printer without the VLAN, but I doubt it can connect. I setup something that rebroadcasts stuff from one VLAN to a different one, I should get rid of that. A VPN is a much better solution. You just allow access to one thing in the firewall config if you use a VPN.

Either Apple did that, or Samba got updated to make it work with iOS. No more having to print from my computer.

Bodhi thinks I’m his playmate. His playmate is having serious health issues.

The lentil recipe won’t exactly be vegetarian, I’m putting chicken base in it. It appears to have no fat, I looked at the label on the picture.

All the doctor said yesterday, was to go to the ER if my breathing gets worse. And to make a follow up appointment for a week or two. But I doubt I can see my doctor before February. So she has to call, and see if it matters who I see.

Heart rate is still elevated. The anxiety might make it higher as well. At the doctor, the nurse I assume she was, had me walk, and my heart rate went down. Sick + anxiety, apparently means a high heart rate. I wasn’t aware of the anxiety, just a high heart rate, because she told me.

If you’ve had anxiety your entire life, you are so used to it, you don’t even notice it. Dogs will notice my anxiety when I don’t. Tonka was great at that. The anxiety has to get pretty high for me to notice it.

Hopefully if Bodhi jumps on the couch and sits where I sit, somebody sees him, and takes a picture. He will get on their bed and a chair in the living room when he’s left at home. So if I don’t see him for a month, he may do something like that. He also might tackle me when he sees me.

If I end up getting my gallbladder removed, I could easily not go over there for a month. Don’t think you are supposed to do much right after surgery. It’s also possible they will accidentally kill me, with the drug they knock you out with.

I don’t really want a near death experience. Most people want to stay where they go, but you have no choice, and will get sent back if that’s what God wants. Don’t really want a out of body experience either, as then I’d be watching them perform surgery on me, I don’t want to see that. I just want to wake up and know nothing about the surgery. If it’s like sleeping but without dreams, that’ll be perfect.

They haven’t ordered an ultra scan or whatever yet. Got an x-ray and EKG yesterday. The x-ray they take to your room is much easier, you don’t have to do much.

The standup x-ray, you might need assistance with where to stand. The worker lady had to help adjust me.

Do they only have the mobile x-rays at the hospital? I think that’s when I got one, in Newport, Oregon, I had a lung infection. Got a cat scan too.

Speaking of cat scans, I got one at the ER again, but they found nothing. No hot flashes, just a warm butt, like warm diarrhea. Got hot flashes the first time, which was awesome, I was looking forward to that, and only got a warm ass.

I had a new symptom, so they probably weren’t focused on the puking thing. I haven’t puked again.

But my stomach slightly hurts after shitting now.

She said I should wear my watch all the time. Probably a good idea. Then I’ll know if my heart rate ever goes back down. Just won’t wear it when shitting, don’t want to get shit on it.

I had diarrhea last night, possibly from what I ate, a microwave noodle thing we got at Rite Aid. That’s better then puking, unless you are sleeping.

No waking up all night not breathing last night, the breathing is almost back to normal. I did fall off the bed, and give myself a charlie horse in the left leg. I made it back in bed though.

Not as conscious while sleeping, which is good, as I might not wake myself up because of a dream. I started taking all my medicine again, except the pro biotics. I’m paranoid that might mess something up. Not sure how much they help anyways. Considering I’ll probably never eat cheese again, I probably don’t need pro biotics anymore. You get less diarrhea if cheese gives you diarrhea, but you take pro biotics, doesn’t work for everybody.

Not sure it’s really lactose intolerant. Might be IBS.

I might start losing weight though. Since I’m not eating very much. If my heart rate doesn’t go down before the next appointment, I might lose weight until it. They’ll probably notice on their scale as well. And ask “Have you been eating?”, and I’ll say “Yeah way less though”. That could be a problem, if all the sudden you have not much of an appetite.

Not sure that’s the case, might be paranoia about puking. I’ll need the head doctor for that. I’m already on medicine for paranoid people, so there’s nothing they can do. You can’t convince me more food won’t make me puke.

If the doctor says to lose weight, maybe I’ll get down to 100 pounds, and then the doctor will say I need to gain weight, so gain all the weight you lost, and she’ll say you need to lose weight again, and I’ll say “But you said to gain weight”. Just eat lots of cookies, and get diabetes. I just want to hear a doctor tell me to gain weight.

There must be something seriously wrong with me

If a homeless man can get a gf, there must be something seriously wrong with me.

Just watch Lead Me Home on Netflix.

Is possibly having diabetes and a bad gallbladder something seriously wrong with you? Or being insane?

I never knew homelessness was so bad, that is what happens to homeless people.

I almost cried more than once, or maybe actually crying. I didn’t take my anti depressant last night. Didn’t want to puke.

So what, I care about people if I’m depressed? But if I’m not depressed, I could care less? Makes perfect sense.

Good idea, don’t take my anti depressant anymore. That’ll end well. Then I’ll be too depressed to want a gf.

There’s some hot ladies working at Sacred Heart. That’s why it’s my favorite hospital.

Do they do sex changes there? I want to be no sexual, that is have no penis or pussy. Then you can’t call me a faggot anymore, since I won’t have a gender anymore. I’ll like whatever the fuck I want, and there’s no insult you can give me anymore.

Except, I’ll fail the sanity test, so bad they didn’t give me a sanity test, when I said I want no dick or pussy. Where will the piss come out? My nose?

Sideline is horrible

Tried switching to Sideline from Google Voice, so I won’t lose my number if Google ever decides to terminate my Google account for some reason.

Well I ported the number, but if you called it using T-Mobile, it said the number isn’t in service.

Their support just said “Unfortunately this is not something on our end that is causing this issue. This is an issue on T-Mobile side and unfortunately we are not able to troubleshoot.”.

I had to use their chat to get a response, they seemed to be ignoring my ticket. If you read the reviews on the App Store, somebody else got the not in service problem as well.

So port the number back to Google Voice? Nope, it’s now classified as a VoIP number, and Google won’t let you port it. I read that before porting it to Sideline, but I figured Sideline would be fine.

I ported the number to magicJack, I have no phone plugged into the magicJack. I use the magicApp, and I enabled SMS.

Turns out you can’t get short codes on magicJack, but it’s cheaper then Sideline, so I don’t care.

OpenPhone can’t get short codes either, one reason I didn’t port there. I’m guessing magicJack is using the same SMS service.

If I ever want to plug an ancient phone into the magicJack I can.

No short codes means less spam anyways. If you need to get a verification code, and SMS is the only option, you are out of luck. Unless they use a 10 digit phone number.

I left a one star review in the App Store for Sideline. I don’t think they give a shit if they keep customers.

Yes, I can receive calls from T-Mobile on magicJack. No not in service message.

I’m not contacting T-Mobile for Sideline. That’s the worst customer support ever.

Failed another dog

Got a ten day notice, about Ruby biting a dog, who somebody claimed needed stitches. Just says they required vet care. They for some reason gave me a duplicate of the same 10 day notice, so it looks like I got two. She did bite a dog before that as well. They didn’t need stitches, but were limping for a few days.

My sister took her back to Julia’s Jungle today. You could tell she knew something was happening today. She probably even tried telling me she didn’t want to go back.

The only dogs I know how to handle are dogs like Tonka and Buddy. Not a young Border Collie with zero training. I can’t even keep her from jumping on people. And I think the rule says your dog isn’t allowed to do that either.

She probably wasn’t getting her needs met here, she didn’t like walks, she’d rather run in a yard, don’t have a yard she can run in. She needs to run in a yard more than once a day.

Since my sister adopted her, I probably wasn’t supposed to have her. My mom couldn’t even take her back.

Scraps came out a while back, don’t remember when. They were looking for an Australian Shepherd type dog. Probably looking for Ruby, but got bad info. They asked me when I came outside, if I knew about such a dog on the floor I’m on.

Hopefully somebody with a yard adopts her, and no other pets. Training her around other pets would be difficult. Especially in an apartment.

She was super nervous at my mom’s, there’s no way being over there would work. She’d have to muzzle train Bodhi and her at the same time. They don’t get along.

What happens if my nephew gets in the middle and gets bit?

Bodhi was happy today, I went directly in her house, so he got to say hi, and bring me toys to not let go of. He prefers to play tug a war. At least somebody is happy today.

Well, I learned my lesson, I can’t take care of a dog, if they aren’t Tonka or Buddy. It only took getting two dogs, the first dog I didn’t really want.

Ruby did nothing wrong, only I did.


She is a Border Collie/Airedale Terrier mix. She came home today, she got surgery last night, so she can’t have babies. She likes her kennel, went in there by herself. She knows how to sit, but doesn’t know her name. She’s cautious of men, more so then women. She saw me three times before I took her home, I think three times.

She did get out of her harness, it’s slightly too big. He was trying to pick her up, to get her in the car. She was scared, and backed right out of it. Luckily my sister and mom got her, she ran into a fence and couldn’t run anymore.

The previous owners said she wasn’t a good farm dog. She was running away. I assume they thought they could get a dog, and they’d automatically be a “farm” dog. Not how it works. Don’t want her to chase chickens? Train her. Just doing basic training will help a dog’s mind. A smart dog won’t be bored if you train them.

She was at Julia’s Jungle. They said three weeks till she could come home, but the surgeon got to her earlier. We need to rearrange my living room, which we are going to do this weekend.

She’s still cautious of me, but she licked me, and jumped on me today. She jumped on my mom and sister sooner then me. It’s possible a male was mean to her. She probably won’t sleep on my bed right away. First have to make sure she’s potty trained. She might be, so it could be the surgery and anxiety that resulted in her peeing inside.

I let dogs jump on me, so I won’t train her not to do that. She’s smaller than Tonka was, and smaller than Bodhi. Bodhi is bigger than Tonka was. They did meet, but Bodhi had to go back in, they started playing, but she can’t play like that for ten days. Not slow playing, they were running. I’ll close her kennel door overnight. If she needs to go potty, she will probably wake me up by whining.

It took three tries to get the leash on her at my mom’s, took her outside to see if she needed to go potty. She kept running away from me.

No idea what her real personality is like, or how much energy she really has. She might end up being a lap dog, she likes being pet. The jumping thing is why I think she might want to sit in my lap in the future. She might weigh 50 pounds. I’d let Bodhi sit in my lap, and he’s 80 pounds or more. He doesn’t fit though. Maybe half of him does.


Barney will most likely be moving out tomorrow. Some people can tolerate feeling angry and agitated, that is at the same time. Not me. If I knew he would make me feel this way, I wouldn’t of agreed to take him home.

The only training he has, is potty trained. He might of potty trained himself, by sitting in his own urine and shit though.

Somebody that knows how to take care of dogs, can get him. That isn’t an insane asshole.

I prefer to avoid agitation. There’s no magic drug, as far as I know, to get rid of it. Zyprexa doesn’t. Exercise probably doesn’t either. The agitation is most likely for an irrational reason.

It can also be, because of depression. They claim exercise helps that. You can exercise without a dog. Getting a dog, when you are so depressed, you are agitated, is not a good idea. Apparently the dog, is what will trigger the agitation.

Not sleeping as long as I usually do, also doesn’t help. Going back to bed after taking him outside, probably doesn’t help either. I have zero energy for a dog, or any other animal.

She can be mad at me all she wants. Not everybody can take care of a puppy. And he’s not the only animal bothering me either. Any animal wanting a lot of attention, bothers me. It’s only a matter of time, before her cat(s) start bothering me. Being able to sleep, and go to the bathroom, in peace, might prevent any other animals from bothering me.

Chibi agitated me, and I have zero idea of why. The only thing I can think of, is somebody got all angry at her for looking at them while eating or something. After that, she caused severe agitation. I couldn’t even pet her. Doesn’t matter how long ago, that event took place, the agitation is still here, and she isn’t. If I dream about her, I get agitated. I vaguely recall punching the bed while sleeping, not sure what I was dreaming, I don’t recall that part. Just that I was punching the bed in my sleep.

Well, I failed whatever I was supposed to learn. Off to recycling I go, when I die. Reincarnation has already been proven. And, if I can barely eat food, without stomach doing weird shit, I might not live that long. Some people have memory from their previous life, usually goes away when they are an adult.

Lucky for me, I have zero memory of anything before this life. It’s probably a good thing. As, I probably wouldn’t still be alive. I’m guessing I made horrible choices in my previous lives.

If somebody is angry at you, don’t answer the phone, if they call. Got to go to bed, so if she calls again tonight, I’ll be sleeping.

Not everybody deserves love, I don’t.

Have you ever felt agitation? I don’t know how to describe it. It’s not a thought, it’s an actual feeling, like anxiety and depression, those both are in your stomach. Or at least my stomach. Agitation is almost like a sore.

The doctor believes more of what I say, then my mom.

Now where is the agitation feeling? In my stomach too? I don’t recall. As, I avoid it like the plague. I think it is my stomach. It’s a feeling, like being punched, you can feel. I’m not talking about just in your head. Like love, you can’t psychically feel, as far as I know.

So, I only feel three things? Depression, anxiety, and agitation. Great way to live. Oh wait, four things, guilt. Guild and bad can be the same thing.

There’s no cure for depression. Oh wait, I can think of one. Depends what state you are in, if it’s legal. And it’s probably not legal in any state, that might only apply for cancer and stuff. Apparently depression, isn’t terminally ill.

Barney can't replace Tonka

I had zero intention of actually getting a dog. She claims, I’ll feel worse if I give him to somebody else. Well, probably, but I’ll be able to stay in bed 24/7.

I feel horrible, depressed, and crying a lot.

No picture, I’m too lazy to take one with my camera. He likes scratching and whining at the door, if you don’t pay 100% attention to him.

Putting him in his crate, is worse, he throws a big fit. So, wiping your ass, you’ll hear him the entire time. I doubt he wants outside every time he does it, he doesn’t even need to go out every two hours, not at her house.

Everything I do with him, reminds me of Tonka.

At least, I have even less of an appetite now. The weight should keep coming off.

I know he doesn’t need to go out constantly, if you go to bed, he’s fine till 7 AM, the last time out around 8 PM. Didn’t even get off my bed. I closed the door though, so he doesn’t get in the trash while I’m sleeping.

He’s basically a rescue, from Texas. The shelter there was going to murder him. He has urine stains on his feet. The hair has to grow out, the groomer said. She had to shave most of his hair off, he had lots of mats.

The shelter we got him from, neutered him, but didn’t give him a bath before. They should of cleaned him up and shaved him. They didn’t ask for her to pay to adopt him, at his vet visit.

He’s going to her vet soon, also need to find out how much he weighs, and how much he’s supposed to. They said he weighs 12 pounds, who knows if that’s right.

If you ignore him, he might chew on his bone. I also moved his bed.

I’ll be going to bed early again, I barely slept. I was worried about him getting up. I did go back to bed after taking him out, for 3 or so hours.

Not to mention, she said she might not be alive in 30 years. She reminded me nobody lives forever, currently. My life will 100% suck when she dies. Nobody else cares about me as much as her. Typing that, resulted in crying. And she claims I don’t love her. Do you cry if somebody dies and you don’t love them? I can’t imagine her dying in 30 years, would bother me, if I didn’t love her.

There’s no way to walk a different way, I still have to exit my door, and go down the hallway. I guess I could jump out the window, that wouldn’t end well. And, then I’d be somewhere I walked Tonka. So, that wouldn’t work either.

The doctor, claims it’s common to feel this way when getting a dog after one dies. And claims I’ll feel better as time goes by. Maybe, I didn’t say how bad I feel.

It’s as bad as the first time I went to the nut house. Well, the time I was there for 3 months, as an adolescent. It’s not a feeling you ever want to feel. I thought getting a dog was supposed to be happy. I just get regret, that I didn’t walk Tonka that much, that is long walks. I couldn’t keep her at home at the end.

Also, regret for doing nothing on the family vacation to Newport, Oregon. I was sick, but I still should of done more. Barely got any pictures. My grandpa is dying, so there won’t be another family vacation with him. Grandma might have something wrong with her too.

Good way to live your life, regret. You’ll get absolutely nothing done.

Laowa 17mm Bargain Lens

I got that lens on sale from B&H for $150, you can always get that price from Kenmore Camera and directly from Laowa.

Laowa 17mm pictures taken with Olympus E-M5 Mark II

Two taken at f4, and one at f1.8, the first picture is f1.8.

Focusing isn’t hard, don’t know why they invented auto focus. I just tap somewhere in the LCD, and click the button that is assigned to show the magnifier.

Might be harder in sun, using the EVF. I don’t recall, if you can move the “focus” area with the screen, when looking through the EVF. I think you can on the E-M10 Mark II, not that I could get it to work. I still have that camera, I don’t plan on getting rid of it. It’s a backup.

The RAW files are on that link too. A flash was used for all photos. I don’t see the problem with using a flash.

If somebody offers me money for the E-M10 Mark II, I might sell it. But, I won’t offer it to anybody, they’d have to ask about it.

My Panasonic 12-32mm might be useless now, yeah it can do 12mm, but manual focusing and backing up is more satisfying.

You know what else is satisfying? Having your balls squished.

You need f1.8, so you can step it down, and get sharper photos. Who needs f1.8 on a 17mm lens? Well, maybe I do, if I take a nude photo of myself. How do I tilt the camera to make my balls have bokeh?

I Gambled And Lost

Bought an iPhone 8 from Woot. The screen has a bunch of hairline cracks. The earpiece doesn’t work. That is the earpiece doesn’t get very loud, so it’s useless, if you can only barely hear the other person.

That’s two phones with issues from Woot, my sister got an iPhone 6S, the battery was useless. I think she sent it back, good idea, probably would of found out more was wrong with it, if she got the battery replaced. I was thinking about replacing the screen on the 8, not a anymore.

I thought she just got unlucky and got a bad one. Now, it’s two phones with issues, they clearly don’t test the phones, or even look at it. Who wants a phone with a bunch of hairline cracks? Not me. I guess, I didn’t read it right, thought only the body would be beat up. Also, wouldn’t expect anything to not work right.

I had to rush to restore my iPhone 7, the counselor is calling today. Oh, and the earpiece works fine on it. So, it’s not T-Mobile. The iPhone 8 is supposed to be fully unlocked. I emailed support like their site said, to ask to return it. Since it has a battery. It’ll be a week or longer before I get my money back.

I’ll never buy anything with a screen from Woot again. Better, I’ll never buy any electronic from Woot.

Oh and I think she said she emailed the wrong address the first time, most likely what their site said, I did the same thing. So that’ll delay it too.

Got a return label. Funny, how they said they don’t have a replacement to send me. I didn’t want a replacement anyways.

Hopefully they can open it without destroying the label inside it, that they said to put in it. And hopefully it really is reset, I told it to reset. I’m not ripping it open to check.

RIP Sofie

Her tumor got huge, and she couldn’t pee. She claimed she didn’t have to do it yet. But, how is she supposed to pee? Sounds like she did have to do it.

I’m shocked she didn’t bite anybody. If her tumor got bigger. She was crazy about food, and more so at the end. She didn’t even hurt Bodhi, when she’s snapped at him. I’m shocked if any dog in that much pain doesn’t bite somebody.

If Tonka had a big tumor, I’d be shocked if she didn’t bite somebody. I’d probably be the one to get bit, but I wouldn’t dislike her or anything for it.

I guess, I could get a dog now. Not today. Or next week, or probably this month. Maybe never.

Bodhi hasn’t noticed or figured out she’s not coming back yet. Which is a good thing. You don’t want your dog to get depressed or upset. They might stop eating. Well, Bodhi probably won’t stop eating. He loves food. Also, he loves all the people he’s around. So did Sofie.

Sucks, I didn’t get to see her before it happened. I didn’t go over there yesterday.

She only had her three years, I think she was 10 when she got her. Her previous people are fucking assholes, they had her, her entire life, and dropped her off at Julia’s Jungle. Claiming that they were moving, and no dogs allowed. Why not give her to family or a friend? Oh, because they knew she chewed doors up? Assholes. A dog is a commitment. You don’t get rid of your wife, if she starts doing something you don’t like. Or maybe you do.

Hopefully those people never get a pet again. She didn’t deserve to be gotten rid of ate age 10. Or any age. I can see why people give up puppies, usually older people, that aren’t active enough, and the dog needs somebody active. Waiting till they’re 10, just makes you a complete asshole.

Tonka would have felt horrible if I got rid of her. Well, she was at my mom’s, that made me feel horrible. Not enough room in my apartment, for what she was doing. I should have just got rid of everything.

I learned very quickly, the dog was more important than my stuff.

Apparently those people didn’t learn anything.

No crying yet, I was about to earlier. I’ll probably do it while sleeping. That’s the best time to do it.

Can you make a store with Hugo?

You can make anything with Hugo. Use Shopify’s Lite plan, and you can make a store with any site.

You can get cheap hosting from BUYSHARED.

I don’t have Shopify Lite, or enough stock of anything to make a store, so I can’t answer how you would do it.

Maybe modify my to make a new product to sell.

Modifying the script would be easy, just make it take another argument, with the path. Or better, just use xx/post-or-product.

Well, anything that isn’t dynamic. Like a forum, you can’t. You could modify Hugo to output PHP sites. That would defeat the entire point of it.

Sorry I'm Autistic

Do any ladies not mind dating an autistic man? Society frowns upon it.

You know who would? A trans woman, society frowns upon that too.

Now, I can say “Sorry I’m Autistic” to everybody. Instead of saying hi, I’ll say that.

Also, how can that guy be a teacher? In the Podcast. He’s not dangerous? As in assaulting people that are loud?

Well, shoot, it looks like I’m Insanely Autistic.

Apparently you have to go to Utah to get a diagnoses. Isn’t that my doctor’s job? Or did he quit?

Just prescribe four Zyprexa 3 times a day. How much is mine? 5 mg? So 60 mg a day, better make that 500 mg a day.

I’ll lose weight if they do that, I won’t be able to move anymore, that means getting up to eat. Might end up dead, but nobody will care. The doctor won’t even get a day in jail. The government will say “Good riddance to that scumbag that we give not very much money to”.

Now, go Make America Great Again, by voting for Trump in 2020. If it leads to a revolution, then Trump will go down into history books, as the president that caused a revolution. Except, the revolution will fail, he’ll just nuke em. Possibly nuking himself too. But, that’ll Make America Great Again.

Is that a good thing to be put in a history book for? Causing a revolution?

RIP Baby

I think that’s what they called her. I was/am an ass and got mad at calling her a baby.

I called Tonka a baby. But she was my baby.

No more animals alive that I grew up with. That resulted in a crying session. Probably crying about all the animals, even though I was mostly thinking about Tonka.

Any animals dying will most likely result in crying now. Doesn’t matter if I like them.

She got skinny, got stuck behind the freezer, couldn’t move, she was dragging herself around. Apparently she also peed on herself. She basically was dying in a brutal way.

If we kept Tonka alive, something similar could have happened to her. She was still eating when they murdered her. Most dogs stop eating when the end comes. I think eating made her feel a tiny bit better.

Sounds like a war outside.

Three dead animals in one year, that’s pretty brutal.

Old cat is dying

She got really skinny, and doesn’t seem to be going upstairs anymore. She was going upstairs everyday. The other day she was just laying outside the laundry room, looking down.

If she dies before next year, that’s three dead animals in one year.

Apparently cats get skinny when they are about to die.

She was a kitten when we had Buddy, we didn’t have him as a puppy, adult when we got him. They used to lay together in the sunroom at a previous house.

Crop circles

They might be made with sound, at least the ones not made by humans. Watch In Search Of, the UFO’s episode.

They found some kind or radio radiation in the circle they went to investigate. Some Dr. guy.

And in his lab, he proved you can use sound to make formations, by putting sand on a metal plate, and sending sound waves to it. It was 1.21, I assume the sound frequency, or the radio frequency.

Here’s something about crop circles and sound.

The show said, you’d need a huge amount of power to do it.

Looks like that article further proves it. Didn’t read all of it yet.

Philo’s VOD sucks, I didn’t hear everything the doctor had to say, and after the commercial was over, it didn’t show the rest of what he said. Basically cut him off from talking, and I’ll never know what he was saying. I might of if I read the subtitle fast enough. But, I want to hear it too.

I’ll keep Philo anyways, it’s dirt cheap. Compared to Comcast.

More downtime

Appears to have been rebooted again, took 37 minutes to reboot. Or whatever happened, but uptime says around an hour of uptime. Same thing happened yesterday, and some days before yesterday.

The only way to find out anything would be by emailing BuyVM. I’m too lazy to do that. Also, I’m too lazy to switch providers. Most providers don’t offer DirectAdmin for free. And most providers with block storage charge more. There’s only one provider that’s around the same price, can’t remember if DirectAdmin is included. No guarantee it’s anymore reliable. If you want reliable, you probably have to pay more.

The Twitter feed on their Client Area, doesn’t say anything. I don’t actually go to Twitter, it’s embedded in the Client Area on the main page, you don’t even have to login. I don’t participate in social shitting.

Enjoy the free downtime, that’s included too.

What's wrong with China and Russia knowing Aliens exist?

I can see them knowing we have 9 UFOs could be a problem, but why Aliens? They won’t bomb us if they tell everybody Aliens exist. They could bomb us if they found out we have UFOs that work, or at least one that works.

There’d be no Storming Area 51 movement if they’d just tell us what they know about Aliens. Instead of lying over and over again. Anybody with half a brain knows Aliens exist. Apparently the majority of Americans don’t have half a brain.

Also, somebody that worked at Area 51, already told everybody that they have 9 UFOs, I’m sure Russia and China know, and probably already knew.

So saying China and Russia aren’t telling us anything, doesn’t matter, we probably already know what they know/have.

Also, the US is run by Russia, so I’d reckon that makes them our Ally.

Bob Lazar is a hero

Being raided by the feds, two times, proves his story for me. Then again, I’d probably believe it without that happening.

His tires have been shot out while driving on the freeway.

That’s the only thing Trump didn’t lie about, that the US isn’t any better then Russia. People telling people what they know about Aliens, sometimes results in them “committing suicide”. Anybody with half a brain knows that’s a lie.

What’s funny, is he somehow got out of S4 or whatever, with element 115. That wouldn’t happen at Amazon. S4 or whatever it’s called, is near Area 51. You get to go on a bus with blackened or no windows. After you take a plane to Area 51.

He claims the US has 9 UFOs in possession, that we didn’t make. They can’t even reverse engineer the power source it has. At least one of them flies, so if you see a UFO, it might be the one the US obtained. He doesn’t know how they got them. Apparently they didn’t tell him that.

He wouldn’t talk about element 115.

I’m still wondering how he got element 115 out of a military base the US said didn’t exist for a long time.

And the US is right, it’s easy to hide the secret, as the majority of brainless zombies won’t believe it. They will deny it till they die, and then when dead.

Oh, and if you storm Area 51, the last thing you’ll see is a bomber. According to the military’s Twitter account, they deleted it. But it’s the internet, nothing gets deleted from it. That reminds me, there’s an App that makes it possibly easy to download entire sites. Does it only do it once or can it run on a schedule? Except, the reviews say it’s a pain to configure. Might as well use a free program. Need that for the missed connections on Craigslist, so I can read flagged posts.

Also, Trump isn’t the third antichrist, he doesn’t want global peace. Or maybe he will someday, then you know he’s a liar, and therefore the third antichrist.

I don’t have Hulu so can’t watch the rest of that. And it was kind of boring. And impossible to listen to at her house. Glad I don’t usually watch TV over there. It’s a waste of bandwidth.

If you don’t mind getting blown up, join the Storm Area 51 movement. Is that a quick death?

Also, what’s so secretive on Area 51 that they will blow their own people up for trying to find out? Why aren’t civilians allowed to know?

I didn’t think Hitler was an antichrist though, just an awful human, like the majority of people.

There’s only one way to change the government, movements won’t do shit, some guy on another show said a revolution is the only way to solve anything in the US. He was right. You can elect whoever you want, but it won’t solve anything. The US military would gladly bomb all the civilians if everybody tried raiding Area 51. No more Mc. Donalds for them. Unless, they plan on making it themselves. And building a new Mc. Donalds.

Dogs love me

When I got to her house, Bode was outside. When he came inside, he went directly where the coats are, and smelled my sweater/jacket, and I called him over, and he ran over.

He was super excited and happy to see me.

He doesn’t even know me that well.

If she ever gets a puppy again, when he’s older, he will probably be fine. He is a lab after all. Still don’t know how all labs have similar personalities. Breeding doesn’t explain it. Most people have a completely different personality. Then again, I don’t know any people.

Nobody has a personality like me. That’s why everybody hates me and wants me dead. That might happen soon, there might be something wrong with my stomach.